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Basic functions: automatic completion of CLIA experiments, including pipetting, dilution, shaking, incubation, washer, readings and results to determine£ºExperimental carrier

Emitting principle£ºEnzymatic chemiluminescence

Scaling method£ºone point calibration, two point calibration, six point calibration

Hardware protection: With security panel, equipped with locks to prevent unauthorized access to the work surface

Alarm indication: equipped with a status indicator and audible alarm systems, real-time work status reflects

Software: all Chinese Windows XP operating system, programming wizard, energy and blood management system or hospital LIS / HIS systems connected, two-way communication. Test items to customize, the review sample automatically detected, puzzle features and microplate insertion, injection cycle.


Pipetting channel: 2-channel independent of sample

Sample bit: 96 (original tube on the machine)

Microplate bit: 6 microplate bit (loading / shaking / incubation), the maximum detection capacity is 576 specimens

Washer module:A stand-alone washer (16 channels washer head)

Interpretoscope: Chemiluminescence analyzer

Barcode Scanning:Tube barcode scanning system that supports a variety of barcode

Scan speed:Tube barcode scanning speed is 40 seconds / 96 tubes

Detection rate:200 tests per hour

Pipetting speed: Specimen continuous distribution rate ≤5 min / 96 well plates (1000μl plus needle); Reagents continuous distribution rate ≤2 min / 96 well plates (1000μl plus needle).

Incubate bit: 6, independent temperature control, stamped with the seal, to ensure uniform heating

Incubate personalized design: Cleaning frequency is adjustable from 0 to 9, cleaning rows automatically set, soak time is adjustable, injection fluid volume is adjustable.

Working conditions

Work Environment: Temperature: 15 ~ 32 ¡æ; Relative humidity: 30-80%

System Interface: RS-232C

Power Requirements: Voltage of 90-260V; frequency 50-60Hz; Power 370VA