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Product Center

Test speed:350 tests / hour

Sample size: 120 patient samples can be put at one time and it can be added at any time

Test cups:360test cups can be put at one time and it can be added at any time

Reagent positions:40 reagent bottles can be placed simultaniously with refrigeration function;

Sample surface sensing: yes

Barcode scanning capabilities: yes

Emergency function:yes, it’s impossible to pick any number of insertion detection

Add cleaning solution: You can always add

Washing non-blocking needle: Yes, using a patented flip washing and the blockage that may arise can be completely eliminated;

Pause function: when you need to pause due to unforeseen circumstances plus reagent pipetting instrument does not affect the test of the sample that has been added. After restart the equipment it can work continuously;

Scaling method: two correction calibration

Reagent usage monitoring: the amount of waste and volume of reagents and washing liquid have filled the stock alarm;

Pipetting needle correction function: pipetting needle in working condition can be artificially  auto-correction by the reason of collision. It does not affect the detection.

Other functions: a waste excretory function and automatic washing liquid automatic replenishment feature;

Working temperature:15-30 íŠ

Instrumentation system start-up time: 15 minutes

Power supply: 220V ±10%